Ideas on Where to Host a Dance Recital

Are you hosting a dance recital? Do you need some location ideas? Here is a quick list of common places for dance performances.

1. Theatre- A lot of dance recitals are performed in a theatre. This is the ideal place for a recital. They are specifically made for performance pieces and are the dream location for any dance teacher.

2. School Auditorium- School Auditoriums are a popular choice. They allow a lot of room for dancers to move around so you have little fear of dancers bumping in to each other. There is also plenty of space and seating for a large audience to watch.

3. Gymnasium- A gymnasium does not necessarily have to be part of a school. Again, a perk with doing a performance in a gymnasium is that you won’t have to worry about students being too cramped. You also have one level to perform on, so you don’t have to worry about dancers accidentally moving too far forward and falling off of a stage.

4. School’s dance studio- Some schools decide to use their own dance studio. The students and parents all know where it is, so there is no fear that they will get lost on their way to the performance. It can also be a good choice because the students are used to practicing there and may feel a little more at ease.

5. Local Park – While this is not the ideal location, if you can find a park that has a very even lawn to dance on this may be an option. Be sure to check for any holes or uneven ground before your dancers perform. Having a nice, open space can be a nice break from the usual dances performed indoors.

6. Community Center- Check with your city’s community center. Have your students reach out to the local community. Work with the community members and see what options you have as far as performances go.

7. Large home- Another option is to perform in a larger home. A lot of mansions lease out space for parties and special occasions. See if there are any homes in your area that are large enough for your dancers to perform at.

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