Helpful Tips for Calming Your Dancer

Performing in front of a group can be quite intimidating. It’s no wonder that a lot of dancers find themselves nervous

Kids can get really anxious before their first performance

Kids can get really anxious before their first performance

on the day of their dance recital. It may not be easy, but there are some things that can help calm frazzled nerves on the big day.

Find fun ways to distract them whenever their nerves start to act up. Say encouraging words first, by telling them you know they will do great the night of the performance. Then change the topic, or find another activity to help ease their mind off of their nervousness.

Have them practice, practice, practice. The more practice they do the more confident they will become in their dance routine. It will also give them an activity to do that will actually help them at the time of the recital.

Have them repeat a mantra to themselves. Some good examples would be “I can do this” or “I am a great dancer”. Having them positively re-enforce their strengths can help calm them down because, after saying it enough times, they start to believe it.

Have them do dress rehearsals at home. This is a good way to let them get a feel for their costumes and how it feels to dance in them. It will also give them the opportunity to do their routine in front of you.

Arrive to the performance early. Things can get stressful when you are already running late. Plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time before the recital to arrive so your daughter can remain calm and relaxed, and not have the extra stress of not making it there on time.Lancaster Elementary School Stage

Walk them up on stage. They may need the extra assurance only a parent can give them. If they are nervous you can stand with them backstage and give them an encouraging hug right before they have to go on.

If they are still nervous, remind them that if they do make any mistakes in their dance routines the audience most likely won’t be able to tell because they don’t know the choreography. As long as they continue dancing there is a good chance that no one will even realize the mistake. And remind them also that they won’t be the only nervous dancer out there, so they won’t have to go through it alone.

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