Help Your Child Memorize Their Dance Routine

Learning dance routines can be rough. This can be especially true for students that have many dance pieces that

You don't have to be a pro to help your child learn and memorize their dance steps

You don't have to be a pro to help your child learn and memorize their dance steps

they need to learn. Some parents may need to have a strategy to help them remember their parts.

One tip is to have your child break down their dances in to smaller parts. This way they only have to remember a section at a time. With time they can put them in order and get a better handle on performing the entire piece.

Be sure that they practice counting. Dances are usually counted in eights. Help by counting out loud and emphasize when transition steps happen, or any main emphasis points.

Have a dress rehearsal at your home. See some of our ideas from previous blogs about how to host a dance recital in your home. You can invite people to come watch or you can just have your immediate family there to give her support.

If you know any specific phrases of steps used in the choreography memorize those to help her. For example, if she were doing the cha-cha you would count 1, 2, cha-cha-cha. 3, 4, cha-cha-cha. If you can remember these phrases it can make it easier for her to link the phrases to her dance moves and remember the entire dance piece.

Video tape the choreographer at her dance studio. When your daughter is practicing at home you can put on the video for her to watch. This visual reminder may help her memorize the dance piece better.

Learn the piece yourself. Obviously you won’t have to actually perform and practice with her, but it can be very beneficial for you to know the specifics of her dance piece. Actually knowing the steps can help you know where to help her and which steps she has mastered.

The main thing to remember with helping her memorize her steps is to not be judgmental. Keep the communication between the two of you open. If she is having difficulty she will need your support to help her get it right before the big day.

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