Have a Dance Recital at Your Home

A dance recital at home is a great way for your child to have a great time, without the pressure

A dance recital at home is a great way for your child to have a great time, without the pressure

Girls love showing their talents off to family and friends. In the very least, mothers do. Formal recitals usually happen only once or twice a year. Let your little girl have some fun more than that by putting on a dance recital for her in your home.

A dance recital at home has its definite perks. The pressure of perfection with the performance won’t be as high as it normally is at actual performances. And only people she knows will be at this performance, not strangers.

A dance recital at your home also allows a little more creativity on her part. She can choreograph her own dance moves and come up with her own style. It may be fun for her to perform a solo if she wouldn’t have the opportunity with her dance school.

Have her help you choose music for the recital. Pick a theme, and find different types of music that will go with it. For example, if the recital is 50’s theme have her listen to some of your favorite oldies.

Decorations can make your home look more festive. Again, follow the lead of the recital’s theme. You can tape streamers around the room, tie bows and other things around furniture, or use fake flowers to place around the “stage”.

You can make the recital as formal or casual as your daughter would like. If you have family or close friends nearby it can be fun to have them stop by. If she would like to include other friends be sure to have them invite their family to come as well.

Invitations can be home-made, bought, or emailed. It might be fun to have your dancer help you make the invitations. You can find a lot of cute invitations online or in stores.

After the dance recital invite your family to stay for treats. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just something for people to snack on while they talk. Socializing after the recital will give everyone to have a chance to tell your daughter what a great job she did.

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