Dance Recital Makeup

Performance makeup for dancers is very important. Makeup is just as important as a dancer’s costume and choreography are. Make-up, if done properly, can really help your child stand out when performing.

Dance recital makeup is an essential part of the performance

Dance recital makeup is an essential part of the performance

Makeup is essential for a dancer to show up while dancing on stage. The bright stage lights make it almost impossible for performers faces to be seen if they don’t have make-up on. With out makeup the audience won’t be able to see the performer’s faces clearly.

Stage makeup is different than it would be regular applied. The main idea with recital makeup is to make the face really show up from a far away distance. However, you don’t want to over do it so that the makeup ends up being a distraction.

dance-recital-lip-linerFor girls always use lip liner before putting on lipstick. Drawing attention to lips creates facial feature definition. Try to stay away from very dark or very light lipstick shades.

dance-recital-lip-glossLip-gloss and lipstick can then be used after you apply lipliner. Find long lasting lipsticks. The odds are your dancer will be a little nervous at the performance and you want it to last through lip licking and smacking.

dance-recital-eye-shadowEye shadow and blush are usually optional when it comes to makeup. However, it normally is good to add some sort of cheek color. Make sure it is applied gradually so it doesn’t look unnatural.

dance-recital-mascaraMascara and foundation on a child are not usually necessary. They won’t be scrutinized up close so this type of makeup is unnecessary. However, it is always necessary to use eyeliner to define the eyes.

Most teachers will help you know the level of makeup that needs to be used for your daughter’s performance. Use make-up that is long lasting. Waterproof makeup will last through sweat that may happen during the recital.

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