Common Costume Mistakes

Dancers rely on their costumes to set the mood of their dancing pieces. Costumes are very important to dancers during their dance recitals. The ideal costume will enhance the dancer and his or her dance performance, but there are some costumes that end up hindering it more than helping.

Costume malfunctions are a dancer’s nightmare. They happen more frequently than we would like, and are usually due to a lack of proper preparation. That is why trial runs are usually required before major performances.

Unfortunately, even after careful preparation and dress rehearsals, costume mishaps still can occur. Costume blunders can be embarrassing, not only for the dancer, but for her comrades who are dancing with her. Here are some costume mistakes to watch out for.

When dancing with an object on your head, there is a much higher chance of something going wrong. The object can fall on the ground or get stuck in your hair. Either act takes attention away from the dancer, so be certain to have all objects on your head properly secured so this doesn’t happen.

Watch out for any material or accessories that easily catch on to other fabric. Sequins have a bad habit of grabbing on to other fabric and thread. Unless you want to risk the chance of your costume sticking to itself, or worse another dancer, try using fabrics and embellishments that are soft and don’t grab on to other items.

Check the Elastics- the source of many malfunctions

Check the Elastics- the source of many malfunctions

Be certain to check for the elasticity of costumes waistbands before you perform. Skirts have a tendency to slide down if they are not tightly fitted, especially older costumes. If this problem happens to you, be certain to get it pinned securely so that there will not be any repeat performances.

Check your tights for runs. Runs in tights are very visible to a crowd, and can be distracting to an audience. Bring an extra pair of tights with you to your performance as a precaution.

Be careful of costumes that have items that can fall off. Costumes with necklaces or bracelets can break off mid performance and cause problems for the rest of the dance. These are especially a nuisance when they are accompanied with small parts, such as beads. The key is to find a costume that will flow alongside the choreography, not hinder it.

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