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Women’s Shoes in the 50’s

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Women’s shoes and socks of the 50’s were the perfect added touch to complete any outfit. Even now, when dressing up for a sock hop or Halloween you have to have just the right shoes to make the outfit a hit.

Flats as well as heals were in during this time period. Saddle oxfords are the traditional shoes to complete any poodle skirt. These were worn to school or a date. The flair of the poodle skirts and the comfort of saddle oxfords would make it a perfect outfit for any dance as well. Oxfords were white and black. They were best worn with white shoe laces as well.

The ‘ballet’ shoes were flats that were frequently worn to school and church. They were best worn with a pair of white socks with lace that was folded over.

Penny loafers were also a hit during this time period. These were flats worn by both men and women. They are much like the loafers worn today but they had a slit that was located toward the top of the shoe that you could put a penny in. If the shoes were really cool sometimes you could fit a quarter in it.

Many believe that the trademark shoe of the 50’s wasn’t the saddle oxfords but the stiletto-heeled shoe. These were very fist seen at a Dior fashion show in 1952. These shoes were all different colors and heights. They would go up to 5 inches and would be both open toed, close toed or pointy.


Fashions of the 1950’s

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

50’s Fashion

The 50’s are one of the decades that exemplifies America. From the ’57 Chevy to Elvis and The Beatles, the 50’s were a great time to live. One of the great pieces of the 50’s that still lives today is 50’s fashion, and no piece of 50’s fashion is more iconic than the 50’s poodle skirt. However, to truly get into the spirit of the 50’s a number of things are required besides the poodle skirt.


Most blouses in the 50’s where tighter fitting with quarter length sleeves. They sometimes had a pocket or an appliqué sewn on the front on the right of left shoulder. Most blouses had collars albeit very small collars and a scarf would sometimes be worn to accessorize the outfit. Lastly, the blouse would be tapered around the waist very tightly to give the appearance of a small waist line.


Pencil leg pants were quite popular. These were tight fitting pants that stopped about mid calve. They were very similar to what we consider capris today. Again the pants were tight and were worn that way to give a very slimming appearance.


Unlike the blouses and pants, the skirts worn in the 50’s were very full and loose fitting. The most popular skirt was the poodle skirt, which was a long full skirt that went to about mid calve, and was worn with a Crinoline Petticoat or a full slip to give the skirt more body. A thick belt was worn to separate the tight blouse from the full poodle skirt and this gave the impression of a very small waist.


Saddle Oxford Shoes were worn by most girls. These were very simple shoes that were great for dancing at a Sock Hop. They had about a 1” soles which didn’t give them much height. They were white and black and were worn with Bobby Socks, which were little socks that went about ankle length.


We have already mentioned a few accessories like scarves, belts and bobby socks. Some other 50’s accessories were Cat-eye Glasses and Pearl Jewelry. Anyone of these accessories will really help finish off a 50’s costume or outfit.

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