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Sock Hops, Part 1: What’s a Sock Hop Anyway?

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Movies depicting the fifties and sixties show fun sock hops with great music, dancing and of course, the latest men and women’s fashion of the day. By the late sixties sock hops started to disappear but recently themed parties and people wanting to relive those happy days have brought them back.

Sock hop dances started out first in high school auditoriums because the teachers didn’t want the students, mostly the young girls, to scratch the wooden floors with their shoes. So, they started asking the students to take off their shoes when they would go out and dance. The young teens would kick off their shoes and dance around in their socks. This started a new cultural trend that lasted all through the 50’s and most of the 60’s.

The name sock hop, or soc hop, was soon a commonly heard name for teen parties. Teens during the 50’s and 60’s were brought together at these parties by their love of the new music appropriately called rock ‘n’ roll. First parents thought the name was derogatory, but soon realized it was a description of dance moves taken on by some of the singers.

Sock hops in many ways were a way for teens to kick off their troubles and get out and enjoy music with their friends. Sock hops were enjoyed mostly at high school auditoriums, then moved to more private parties at homes or at malt shops. Anywhere they wanted a crowd they would advertise for sock hops. Like the young teens of the fifties and sixties, many people today love to relive these parties. Some like the theme, others the fifties and others the fashion. Whatever your reason, you are sure to have fun at a sock hop.