Tips for Hosting a Sock Hop Dance This Summer

If you are looking for a way to have some good, clean fun this summer look no further. A sock hop provides this opportunity! Sock hops provide wonderful ways for people to get together and mingle with one another. It can also work well as a fundraiser or community event.

Do not get stressed about hosting the sock hop. Use a committee to help you plan the details. A party planning committee will really help make sure all the important areas are taken care of.

These areas should include sock hop decorations, venues, games and entertainment, food, and publicity. Ask people to work on specific parts of the sock hop dance to make sure everything is covered and taken care of. You can also have someone in charge of invitations and keeping track of guests who will be coming.

sock hop & poodle skirts

sock hop & poodle skirts

Talk to local business owners to see if they will be willing to donate items you may need for the party. If you are hosting a fundraiser they may be more willing to donate items since they can get a tax-write-off for doing it. Having business owners donate their items can save you a lot of money, and also help them advertise their business.

Encourage everyone to dress up in classic 50’s costumes. Host a 50’s costume contest to get guests involved and excited about the sock hop event. The better your prize for the winner, the more likely people will dress up in 50’s costumes.

It may be a good idea to allow vendors to set up booths at the dance. If you decide to allow that, be sure they know to dress in 50’s costumes as well. Make sure they decorate their booths in 50’s decor as well.

All servers should wear 50’s costumes to continue to 50’s theme. Have them wear roller skates and poodle skirts or rolled up jeans. It may also be a good idea to see if there are any car enthusiasts who would not mind loaning out their hot rod for a fun sock hop decoration.

Do not forget to advertise. It is a good idea to contact the media to let them know of the event. Remember, the more people that know of the sock hop event, the better the turn out will be.

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