Sock Hops, Part 2: The Essentials

There are so many things to think about when putting together your own sock hop. In the midst of all the plans and outfits and other stuff, our minds can forget about the most essential things. Just to make your life easier, we’re going to go over the ‘must needs’ for a perfect sock hop party.

Sock Hop Invitations:
When throwing a theme party we first have to make sure that our invitations are consistent with that theme. Our friends need to be able to feel from the invitation what kind of party this is. You can keep it real simple if needs be. Try making your own invitations. They don’t need to be fancy, just fun. Remember to keep with the colors of the 50’s and 60’s, and certain patterns can even bring out that time period. Don’t forget to tell your friends to dress up in their best fifties outfits!

Sock Hop Costume:
When picking out the perfect outfit you’ll need to study up on what was popular. Girls can never go wrong with a classic poodle skirt, poodle top or blouse, crinoline petticoat, saddle oxford shoes, chiffon scarf, cinch belt and cateye glasses. Guys will be able to pull off a nice fifties outfit with a pair of rolled up jeans, white t-shirt, oxford shoes or Converse shoes, leather jacket and greased back hair.

Sock Hop Food:
Don’t forget to serve good ol’ American food. Anything you would find in a malt shop will do. Serving hamburgers, fries and a malt is the perfect 50’s treat. Don’t forget some ice cream in tall serving glasses. These were seen everywhere during the fifties and sixties. If you are having servers, you can have them wear roller skates too. This was very popular at the time.

Sock Hop Music:
Just the right music and decorations are the perfect finishing touches to your party. Stick with the classics that everyone will know. Even throwing in a few modern remakes will liven up the crowd. Some classics of the 50’s and 60’s would be; Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

For decorations you want to set the scene. Make it look like a malt shop with pictures of the fifties or sixties or a juke box. You can also decorate in flashy bright pinks, seafoam green, and chartreuse. Another idea would be to have 50’s car decorations or posters.

Sock Hop Extras:
Bring in some extra fun with prizes. Give prizes for dancing and dress. You could also have a dance off. Also, many people don’t know how they danced in the fifties and sixties, you can teach different kind of dance moves like the jitterbug and the stroll.

Most of all, remember to just have fun. As the host or hostess you always want to make sure everything is going perfectly and everyone is having fun. Stop worrying and just get out on the dance floor, kick of your shoes and enjoy.

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