Sock Hops for High School Kids

Sock hops were the most common dances in the 1950’s. They were mainly popular among high school kids, but were something that people of all ages could enjoy. They helped everyone to enjoy music and dancing more.

Although they were something that everyone could enjoy in the 50’s, times have changed since then. With every new piece of technology, the gap between generations seems to grow. Teenagers today find it hard to see how they relate to the teenagers of the 1950’s.

While it may not be easy to see, there are a lot of things that the teenagers of today owe to the original sock hop teenagers. And there are many ways in which they are similar to one another. The connections are there, you just have to look in order to see them.

When you are trying to plan a modern hop, making these connections is very helpful. Just like teenagers in the 50’s, teenagers today enjoy music, food and being social. These were the main ingredients of these dances in the 50’s, so with a few alterations, these dances can be easily geared towards modern teenagers.

The most popular music played at these dances in the 50’s was rock and rollSockHop. This is still a popular music genre today. But rock and roll music has changed almost as much as teenagers have since the 1950’s.

Songs by artists such as Elvis and the Beatles can still be played at modern sock hops, though. But it would be a good idea to spruce up your play list by adding modern songs that are popular with today’s youth. Try to make sure that you choose modern songs that have more of a 50’s flare in order to keep with the dance’s theme.

Teenagers today are also big suckers for old-fashioned pop and ice cream, just like teenagers in the 50’s, making them the perfect choice for refreshments at your high school sock hop. Try to get a large variety of sodas and maybe include a taste-testing contest to add a little more fun to the evening. You can also set up an ice cream sundae station with different ingredients such as caramel, peanuts, cherries and different cookies and candies.

While there are aspects of these dances that need adjusting in order to fit with the younger generations, the changes are minor. Another way you cater to today’s teenagers in your planning is to change the dance from a singles dance like it was in the 50’s, to allowing teenagers to bring dates. It may seem like the generation gap is too large, but teenagers today can enjoy sock hops just as much as teenagers of the 50’s.

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