Poodle Skirt How-To

Unsure what to wear for Halloween this year? Going as a 50’s sock hop girl is simple, classic, and fun. Plus, don’t have to go out and buy the costume; you can make it yourself!

Like we said, the costume is very simple. All you really need is a scarf for your hair, a white shirt, a poodle skirt, and white shoes. Those are items that can be found in almost everyone’s closet… except for the poodle skirt. But don’t worry, like we said, you can make it yourself.

The simplest way to do this is to grab a skirt that you already have. The skirt should fit you a little higher on the waist than a normal skirt, and should hit you at about mid-calf. If it doesn’t, that’s an easy fix: just hem the skirt up a few inches, and pull the waist in a bit with a few quick stitches.


The next step is to find a poodle silhouette that you like on the internet. Print it out on normal paper, and then cut it out. Grab some fabric (black is best) and trace the outline of the silhouette onto the fabric.

Then cut the silhouette out of the fabric and sew it onto your skirt. If you don’t want the poodle to be a permanent part of your skirt, you can add Velcro strips to the back, or adhesive dots. The poodle should go on the front of the skirt, in the lower left-hand corner.

Once you have the poodle on the skirt, you can take some ribbon and put a collar on the dog. You can also add eyes, a nose, and many other features using things such beads, buttons, sequins, and paint. Embellishments are very simple and fun to do once you have the basic structure there!

One embellishment that you want to make sure you include is a leash. This is a classic part 50’s poodle skirt ingredient! You can do this very easily by just adding a piece of ribbon going from the poodle’s collar to the waistband of your skirt. And with that last touch, your skirt is done!

To complete your 50’s sock hop look, pull your hair up into a simple ponytail, tying a scarf around it. If you would prefer to have your hair down, you can tie the skirt around your neck. Put on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and you are ready to go to a sock hop!

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