How to Plan Your Own Sock Hop at Your Summer Car Show

There are many fun things to see and do at a car show. One fun activity is to participate in a car hop. While it is important that the cars that are being shown are the main priority, a little fun helps things to go a long way.

In order to have a successful car hop you’ll need to do some basic planning first. Once this planning is done and assignments made things won’t seem so overwhelming. The following are some things that ideas to help your activities be a smashing hit.

Publicity is key. Make sure that your event is well know by those who will be attending the event. When people know in advance they are more likely to make sure to set aside time to attend.

car hop

Decorations really make a big difference. They can make the difference between a ho hum event and an evening full of pizazz. It can be simple or elaborate, you decide, but whatever you do, do it well.

These can include putting out black and white checkered table clothes. For a center piece add a plastic record in the middle with some mint green and pink balloons. Add some Bazooka bubble gum for an added touch.

Dressing up for occasion also helps people to really get in the spirit of things. Poodle skirts, bobby socks, saddle shoes and chiffon scarves are a fun costumes for women and girls. Cuffed blue jeans, leather jackets, and black sunglasses really add something for guys.

Your food can include hamburgers and fries in a vintage style basket, along with milkshakes with whip cream and a cherry on top. Root beer floats are also crowd pleaser. These can be brought out by a waitress on roller skates to add the finishing touch.

While your car hop is in swing make sure that you play some good “swinging” tunes for everyone to listen to. Once things are planned, assigned and the party is in motion, make sure that you take a minute to enjoy yourself and all hard work you put into it. Now it’s time to Rock Around the Clock tonight.

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  1. [...] have the sock hop outside. Having open air will bring in a lot of customers and is perfect for the summer time. [...]

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