Hip Hop Costumes

The American life has several celebrations.  There are birthdays, holidays, and family outings.    If you are in school, then there are dances, social events, and parties just because you can.

Some of these celebrations might be themed.  The themes could be movies or decades through out time.  There are several costumes available, especially on the Internet.

The plus size poodle skirt is the perfect costume for the 1950’s themed party or Halloween.  A plus size poodle skirt will never go out of fashion.  Poodle skirts originate from the 1950’s and are still a very popular costume.

poodle skirtpoodle skirt

The plus size poodle skirt is also very flattering. Poodle skirts originate at the waist.  This gives the illusion of a smaller waist and a larger bust.

Underneath the poodle skirt is a petticoat.  The petticoat helps to flare out the skirt and flatter your figure even more by emphasizing your waistline.  The petticoat also turns your figure into a pear shape that catches glances.

The petticoat can be made of several layers or just a few.  The more layers there are the more flare your poodle skirt will have.  You can even have some of the petticoat visible if you want.

The 1950s fashion of the poodle skirt would show the petticoat about four inches below the skirt line.  The petticoat would be made of crinoline.  It could also be colored for added effects.

Another way for the petticoat to be visible would be with multiple layers.  The more layers there are in the petticoat the more the skirt is flared and is raised.  The poodle skirt would then almost look like an upside down flower.  The petticoat in this version could be colorful as well.

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  1. [...] A car hop can be a fun way to bring customer’s their food. Servers can bring the food out to people in their car in roller skates and poodle skirts. Have them wear car hop costumes and have fun with the drive-in-car hop theme. Car hop costumes include sock hop attire. Poodle skirts, white socks, and a ponytail for girls, and blue jeans and a white t-shirt with hair slicked back is a great choice for guys. Add roller skates and you have the perfect car hop costume. [...]

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