Car Show Themes

Car shows are great activities to do during the summertime. The weather is perfect for an outdoor gathering. Draw in hundreds of people during the summer weekends this year.

Successful car hop shows are ones that are well planned out. Making plans ahead of time can go a long way in making your car show look well put together. A good idea is to have a theme with your car show. Here are a few ideas:

1.) Look to the past car shows for ideas. If recent car shows have been done in your area, do not repeat their theme. A theme, such as car hops, may be a good idea – but only if it has not been done for a while.
car hop
2.) Think about specific vehicle-inspired themes. You can hold a car show featuring a specific vehicle or vehicle type. Some popular choices would be mustangs or corvettes.

3.) Classic Cars are a great theme. Restore cars from the 1950’s and bring in a car hop or sock hop theme. Car hops and other activities can bring in more customers and make the car show more fun.

4.) Muscle Car themes can also be fun. These cars from the mid-1960s through the mid 1970s were large, powerful vehicles. Hold activities around the muscle car theme, such as arm wrestling, and award prizes.

5.) Antique Car shows are one of the most popular themes for car shows. A lot of people are enthusiastic about antique cars, and there is a high chance of getting a lot of people to participate. Cater towards the antique theme by having employees wear early ’20’s clothing and hiring out barbershop quartets.

6.) Have a car show for unique vehicles. There are often car shows for normal, manufactured cars. Be different by having a car show based off of various miscellaneous vehicles. These can include police cruisers, taxis, hearses, limos, and even buses. The more rare, the better.

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