Car Hop Music

As stated before, summers are the best time to host a car hop at a car show. If you choose to follow our advice, you will need to plan ahead of time if you want to have a successful car hop. It is important to take time to make sure things run smoothly.

Music is a good place to start. Decide what type of music you would like to use. Since car hops were very popular in the 50s, you will want to look for music from that time period.

Music will reflect how the activity is going. Music creates the mood. This can make an enormous difference in your event.
car hop
Look for music that you like. The 50s held a lot of different styles of music. Choose the style you like best and stick to that style.

For example, softer music started out in the earlier 1950s. Rock and Roll music hit in the middle years. Having a specific year in mind can make your search go smoother.

You could also do a search for popular 50s artists. Bill Halley and the Comets were a popular group back in the day. Other popular choices were Elvis Presley, obviously, and Buddy Holly.

When you have decided on the style you would like, you need to have a good system to play the music on. Buy, or rent, a nice outdoor sound system. The type of system you decide to use will depend on your location. Be sure to test it out before the day of the event to get the kinks out and work on any feedback issues.

Music really is important if you want to really sell a 50’s theme event. Once you have found your music, you can then continue on to find other things to tie the event together. After the music you can move on to find decorations, car hop costumes, food, etc.

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