50’s Traditions

A traditions is defined as the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, and information from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice. Traditions are an essential part of our lives. They bring generations together.

sock hop ladiesSome traditions are old, and some are new. Some have been going strong since the 50’s. Some of these traditions include sock hops, soda fountain parties, and ice cream socials.

However, some of these traditions now go by different names. Soda fountain parties are now the same as hanging out at a fast food joint with friends; ice cream socials occur on a daily basis at places like Dairy Queen. And sock hops are now just dances.

Some more basic traditions that draw generations together are things like food, music and dancing. In fact, these are some of the strongest binding factors between generations. These specific factors are also the main ingredients of 50’s sock hops.

These hops were the most popular form of dances in the 50’s. They were mainly held for high school students and took place in gymnasiums. These dances were all about enjoying the music, dancing, eating and spending time with friends; again, these things form some of the strongest bonds!

Things haven’t changed that much since the 50’s. Hamburgers and shakes are still some of the most popular food items; fashion is still in the forefront of most teenager’s minds, as are friends and crushes. Teenagers today still go to dances for the same reasons that teenagers in the 50’s went to sock hops. And the ingredients that made up those hops still make up the majority of our dances today.

Teenage girls still spend hours on their hair before dances. Boys still get nervous before asking girls to dance; and girls still giggle at everything those same boys say. There is still a good amount of shy wallflowers at these dances, too.

There are so many traditions we have today that modernized versions of traditions from the 50’s: Sonic drive-ins are imitations of 50’s hamburger joints, bowling shirts that were once only worn to bowling tournaments are now worn on the street every day, and fedora’s, a popular hat worn in the 50’s, are now back in style. Teenagers today may wear different types of clothing to dances or “sock hops” but they are still the same dances. Because they are based around some of the fundamental needs of our society, they will never cease to be popular, no matter how big the gap gets between the now and the 50’s.

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