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Making Sock Hops Fun for Teenagers

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

sock hop studebakersIn the 50’s, sock hops were all the rage. High school kids were the biggest supporters of these dances. They were held in school gyms, which limited the footwear that could be worn to just socks, hence the name.

These dances didn’t require dates either, so most attended as singles. This would be less likely to fly among today’s youth since they are so use to dating and relationships. Encouraging dates at a modern sock hop is one way to get today’s youth more interested in attending one.

In the 50’s, these socks were a chance for students to get together and just enjoy the music and dancing. Students got together to enjoy popular music like rock and roll, songs sung by Elvis and the Beatles. Dances were also an opportunity to learn new dances such as the Jitter Bug.


Sock Hops for High School Kids

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Sock hops were the most common dances in the 1950’s. They were mainly popular among high school kids, but were something that people of all ages could enjoy. They helped everyone to enjoy music and dancing more.

Although they were something that everyone could enjoy in the 50’s, times have changed since then. With every new piece of technology, the gap between generations seems to grow. Teenagers today find it hard to see how they relate to the teenagers of the 1950’s.

While it may not be easy to see, there are a lot of things that the teenagers of today owe to the original sock hop teenagers. And there are many ways in which they are similar to one another. The connections are there, you just have to look in order to see them.

When you are trying to plan a modern hop, making these connections is very helpful. Just like teenagers in the 50’s, teenagers today enjoy music, food and being social. These were the main ingredients of these dances in the 50’s, so with a few alterations, these dances can be easily geared towards modern teenagers.


Hosting a Sock Hop for Middle Schoolers

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

When planning a sock hop, especially for middle schoolers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Simple things, such as music and refreshments, can make or break your sock hop. Here are a few simple tips for making your event a success.

The first detail to tend to is the invitations. When making the invitations for your event, it is important to keep with the 50’s theme. You can do this through the wording, the colors, and the delivery of the invitation.

The second important detail for planning a successful sock hop is the decorations. You can transform your venue into a fifties gymnasium with a few simple decorations such as brightly colored balloons and streamers on the walls, vinyl records on the tables and hanging from the ceiling, and by printing off old photographs from the fifties. You can also hang inflatable guitars from the walls or use them as centerpieces on the tables.


Throw a Sock Hop at Your Elementary School

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

While budget crunches are getting harder and harder to stomach for many, several schools are turning towards fundraisers to help make up the difference.  There are many different types to choose from. One fun idea to help raise some funds and to have some fun is a sock hop.

A sock hop can be a really fun way to help draw kids and their families back to the past.  It is also a very family friendly activity and can help draw them closer together.  With a few simple steps you’re school can be well on it’s way to having one of their own!

Planning is crucial for a success event.  First of all you should appoint a committee to organize this event.  In this committee you should divide into four subcommittees.  These committees will be over publicity, decorations, food, and entertainment.

jukeboxPublicity is very key for success.  If you want people to come, they need to know about it and be excited.  Fliers around school, announcements, etc. are all vital.


Tribute to the Fifties

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Sock hops were first made popular in the 1950’s. They were a popular dance for teenagers and were held in high school gymnasiums and cafeterias. These dances were all about enjoying the music and dancing.

Because they were so popular with teenagers, most dances that were happening in the schools were sock hops. They were held in gyms with varnished floors so dancers were required to remove their shoes before dancing. This made dances such as the Twist much easier to perform.

These dances weren’t much unlike the dances held now. Young adults attended these dances to spend time together and to enjoy the music and dancing. Rock and roll music was an essential ingredient of these dances also.

sock hop


Why you need to do a sock hop this fall

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Fall is a fun time of year for beginnings.  School starts; football and many other fun activities are marked at this time.   Why not add an annual sock hop as a new tradition to do this fall?

Taking a stroll down memory lane can be a really fun experience for you and your friends.  With a few simple things to consider and prepare you’ll be ready in no time to wow everyone with you’re great entertainment.  These include invitations, decorations, costumes, food, music and games.

There are many creative ways to invite your guests to your party. You could use black construction paper to make a record, inviting people to come for a “swinging party.”  You could cut out a picture of a clock and inviting people to come “rock around the clock” at your sock hop.  There are many possibilities.  Just put something along with your 50’s theme.

sock hop


Best Summer Car Shows

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


During the summer, car shows become a popular event, along with other old-fashioned events such as sock hops. Many people attend these shows. They occur all over the country.

But what are the traits of a good car show? Is it the location or the specific cars? Is it the music played or the old time feel created with car hops?

Some suggest that it is the money that goes into preparing for the car show that makes all the difference. Others say that clean and organized shows are best. Many agree that it is the simple things that matter: the music, the cars, and the people and community. 

car show

Some suggestions for turning normal car shows into great ones include pairing the show with a sock hop. Another option is to choose a specific theme for your car show, such as a muscle car show or a 70’s car show. You could also make your show unique by using it to raise money for those in need.


The Return of Skating Car Hops

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

What was once a regularity in the fast-food world has now become a rarity: rollerskating waitresses. However, chains such as Sonic Drive-in and Ruby’s Diner are bringing the tradition back. You can now go to a burger joint and feel like you have stepped back into the 60’s.

Rollerskates aren’t used to get the food to the customer faster. They are used to entertain them. Customers are getting more than a meal; they are also getting a show.

This idea isn’t new for Sonic. In the 60’s and 70’s rollerskating carhops were a natural site at one of these fast food

rollerskating car hop

rollerskating car hop


Summer Car Show Playlist

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

An essential part of summer car shows in the music. Whether it’s a playlist of oldies, or simply songs about cars, music is a must. Here is a list of some great songs to include in your car hop playlist.

1. El Camino by Ween is a great one to have on your playlist. This song is done in with a little flamenco flavor.  If the subject matter and genre of this song weren’t enough to make it great, Ween also makes reference to other great cars such as the Tornado and the Cordoba.

2. Radar Love by Golden Earring is another one to include. This song talks about driving fast on the open road late at night.  It’s a classic that most everyone can relate to.

sock hop


Sock Hops: A Brief History

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Every Halloween, fifties costumes for girls or guys always seems to be a popular choice. Dressed in poodle skirts and leather jackets, on October 31st many people look like they have flashed back to 1950’s, heading to a sock hop. We all know what the attire for these dances was, but how many of us know the history behind them?

Before you learn anything else, it is important to understand the origin of the name “sock hop.” In the 1950’s, school dances were held in school gyms. Because the floors were varnished wood and easily scuffed by shoes, schools required the removal of shoes before dancing.

Although shoes were not worn during the actual dance, saddle shoes were the popular shoes to wear to the dances. Poodle skirts and blue jeans were also very popular. And to fit with the name, most wore ankle socks as they danced.