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Fun Activities Where You Can Wear Your Amazing Poodle Skirt

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Have an amazing poodle skirt from Halloween or a dance recital? Are you looking for other activities to wear it at? Here are some great 50’s themed activities that you can wear your beautiful poodle skirt at.

“Grease” Party – Get a group of friends together for a fun 50’s movie party. You can have some friends dress up as the good-girl Sandy with poodle skirts, cardigans, and ponytails. Others can come dressed up as the pink ladies or grease members. Add some soda and popcorn and you have the perfect Grease party.

Car Hop – Host a carhop or look for a carhop in your area. 50’s costumes work perfectly for carhops. Dressing up in 50’s attire makes the car hop look more authentic, and makes it a much more fun experience for everyone involved.

Sock Hop – Have a fun sock hop dance party. Pull together the amazing music from the 50’s. You can even host the dance in a gym and ask guests to take off their shoes for the event.