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Fun Activities Where You Can Wear Your Amazing Poodle Skirt

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Have an amazing poodle skirt from Halloween or a dance recital? Are you looking for other activities to wear it at? Here are some great 50’s themed activities that you can wear your beautiful poodle skirt at.

“Grease” Party – Get a group of friends together for a fun 50’s movie party. You can have some friends dress up as the good-girl Sandy with poodle skirts, cardigans, and ponytails. Others can come dressed up as the pink ladies or grease members. Add some soda and popcorn and you have the perfect Grease party.

Car Hop – Host a carhop or look for a carhop in your area. 50’s costumes work perfectly for carhops. Dressing up in 50’s attire makes the car hop look more authentic, and makes it a much more fun experience for everyone involved.

Sock Hop – Have a fun sock hop dance party. Pull together the amazing music from the 50’s. You can even host the dance in a gym and ask guests to take off their shoes for the event.


Dressing Up in Poodle Skirts During the Holidays

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Poodle skirts are great items to have around for the holidays. First, they allow children and adults to have fun dressing up during the special season. Secondly, poodle skirts offer a quick costume choice for people going to dress-up parties.

Having a few extra costumes on hand is always a terrific idea. Children love to dress up spur-of-the moment. When you have costumes for them to dress up in already you don’t have to worry about hunting down items last-minute.

Dress-up clothes can also be handy for adults. How many times have we forgotten about costume parties we have been invited to? A lot of times we don’t remember until the day of, and it can be stressful trying to run around and find a costume to wear.

Having an adult poodle skirt solves this. You already have a costume that you can fallback on. Poodle skirts work for 50’s parties, dress-up parties, couples parties, etc. They are great items to have in your closet.


Hosting a Holiday Party?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

The holidays are always fun. One of the best things is being able to spend time with family and friends. Holiday parties make get-togethers even more fun. Here are some great holiday party themes that you can incorporate this year.

Ugly Sweater Party – Have fun with those ugly, old, cheesy sweaters that people wear around Christmas. Guests will have fun dressing up in sweaters they no longer want to be seen in public wearing. Have some hot cocoa with donuts and have the main activity be socializing, though pictures of the event will be necessary.

Winter Wonderland – Host a winter party for your guests. String up winter decorations, such as snowflake ornaments and snowmen. Be sure to serve yummy wintery foods, such as soup.

Decade Party – Ask guests to dress up in different decade costumes. For example one couple could be asked to dress up in 50’s costumes and poodle skirts while another family could be asked to dress up in 80’s attire. You could even choose to have everyone dress up from the same decade. If you decide to do that it’s a good idea to choose a popular decade that has easy to access costumes. The 50’s are a good choice since poodle skirts and grease outfits are easy to come by. Poodle skirts especially are easy to recognize as a costume from the 50’s.


Teenage Sense of Style in the Fifties

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Through out history there has been a distinction between how children, teenagers, young adults, and adults dress themselves. Styles have come and gone through out history. But one thing remains the same – a very distinct difference in clothing styles with teenagers.

During the 1950’s teenagers had quite a few options as far as 50’s outfits were concerned. There were the preppy outfits, the jock outfits, and the new greaser outfits. Each of these styles was a popular 50’s fashion choice.

Girls who were more on the preppy side wore skirts and blouses. They wore soft cardigans over their blouses. They wore their hair curled and sometimes put a bow in their hair.

The skirts varied in styles, but the most popular option was the famous poodle skirt. The poodle skirt was often made out of felt or wool, or heavier material. The term poodle skirt came from the appliqués that teenagers liked to add to their skirt to make it more personal and cute. These appliqués were things such as poodles and music records.


The Fashionable Fifties

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

When we think of the fifties we typically think of the usual things. We think of pink poodle skirts, sock hops, slicked back hair, grease jackets, carhops, and great music. A lot of us remember the great fashion choices back in the day.

It is no wonder that we think of the way people dressed in the fifties. They had some really amazing 50’s outfits. There were a lot of great styles during the fifties, and a lot of great choices to pick from.

Many famous designers emanated from this time period. Coco Chanel, for example, created the Chanel suits for women. Christian Dior and Savatore Ferragamo were also influential designers during this time period.

Actresses also made many of the 50’s outfits fashionable. Audrey Hepburn was one such actress. She was the actress that made the ballet flat shoe fashionable during the fifties.


Why You Should do a Sock Hop this Holiday Season

Friday, November 5th, 2010

With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to begin planning a fun and festive event for your friends and family.  There are several holiday activities that you could choose from.  Why not add an annual sock hop as a new tradition?

Strolling right down memory lane can be  memorable experience for all.  With a few simple things to think about and prepare you’ll quickly be ready to amaze everyone with you’re great entertainment.  These include invitations, decorations, costumes, food, music and games.

There are many creative ways to invite your guests to your party. You could use black construction paper to make a record, inviting people to come for a “swinging party.”  You could cut out a picture of a clock and inviting people to come “rock around the clock” at your sock hop.  There are many possibilities.  Just put something along with your 50’s theme.

Next you need to start thinking decorations.  You could set your room up like a high school gym, or a diner.  Add an old-fashioned jukebox and you have a decoration and entertainment in one.


What To Do With Your 50’s Halloween Costume AFTER The Holiday

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Halloween has come and gone. Now it is time to decide what to do with your Halloween choice. Do you pack it away in storage, never to be used again? Or do you keep your awesome 50’s costume nearby for some of these amazing events you can put on through out the year.

50’s Themed Party – Host a 50’s party. Invite family and friends to come dressed in their fifties attire. Your 50’s costume will definitely come in handy for a fifties gathering.

Birthday Party – Having a hard time coming up with a theme for your child’s birthday party? Have a fifties theme. Make it fun for girls by having them dress up in adorable poodle skirts, and boys can have fun slicking back hair and putting on fake tattoos.

Dress Up Party – Every girl loves a dress up party. Your child’s poodle skirt will work perfectly for this. Include your own, and some of your other fun dresses, shoes, and hats for girls to use to dress up in.