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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Halloween is a great time for families and kids. It means dressing up in fun attire and doing fun crafts, like carving pumpkins. If you need some inspiration for easy costume ideas, look no further. This is the article for you.

Tourist- Grab your dad’s Hawaiian shirt and some tacky shorts. Top it off with a goofy hat your dad also probably has, and wear a camera around your neck. Don’t forget to pull your socks up as high as they can go.

Scuba Diver – If you have some snorkel gear take advantage of it. They make for a fun dress up costume. Put on your wet suit, snorkel mask, and if you want you can incorporate the flippers in some way as well.

50’s Sock Hop Dancer – Find that sock hop dressing attire for this fun 50’s costume. Girls can wear a cardigan with a poodle skirt and guys can wear a letterman’s jacket with jeans. Greaser outfits, such as a white t-shirt and leather jacket, also make a good sock hop costume.

Good Ol’ Grandma – Use a dress that is a few sizes too big for you and use pillows to fill it up. Use granny glasses and a scarf to use over your head for a shawl. Be sure to wear knee high socks that show underneath the dress and wear with granny shoes.