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The Distinct Style of the 50’s

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The 1950’s offered many great distinctive styles. A lot of these styles can be replicated in today’s fashions. Many people who like to dress in vintage clothing choose to wear clothing from the sock hop era of the 50s.

As far as specific clothing choices that were popular during this time, women typically wore blouses that were tucked in to their poodle skirts. They also sometimes wore Capri pants and jeans. They also liked to wear cardigans to go with their blouses.

Bathing suits were usually one-piece suits. These bathing suits were halter tops or strapless. Women liked to wear saddle shoes, pumps, stiletto heels, or penny loafers.

The men also had snazzy fashion choices. They usually wore white t-shirts with jeans.  They topped those off with leather jackets, lettermen jackets, or bowling jacks.