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Dress Up Birthday Party For Girls

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We recently posted an article with ideas for a preschool dress up party. Here are some more ideas, but catered towards girls instead of toddlers. Below are some suggestions on birthday party games, activities, and more dress up fun.

First, start out by finding or making the perfect party invitation. Keep with the dress up theme. You can make your own by cutting out shapes of purses or shoes. You can also find some very cute party invitations online that are catered towards a dress up birthday party.
Be sure to make the decor of the party fun. Hang streamers and balloons in similar colors, and drape feather boas around the room. Borrow mirrors to put around the “dress up room” so all the girls can see their outfits. You can use balloons as the centerpiece of the table by tying the strings to the handle of a purse.

poodle skirt

When the girls come to the party have the children poodle skirts and other dress up outfits ready for them. Put the children poodle skirts in a large box or trunk that they can scavenge through. It can also be fun to do a quick, simple make-over such as face painting or adding lip gloss or blush to the girls so they feel dressed up.