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The Exciting Stories of Red Hatter Adventures

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Girls love to dress up in children poodle skirts, bulky shoes that were much to big for them, and princess dresses. How wonderful that years later, these same girls can still have fun dressing up in poodle skirts, hats, and fun outfits for Red Hat events. Here are five stories of the fun events these women have dressed up for.

1. In North Carolina the Gaston Girly Girls and Red Hatters B.A.L.L. chapters decided to participate in a parade together. The Gastonia Christmas Parade was held in Gastonia, North Carolina. They had fun dressing up in the parade. Poodle skirts are very fun costumes to wear during parades.

2. The Strawberry Tarts and Motueka Pacific Roses hosted a convention together in New Zealand. They wanted to have a fun adventure, and adventure they had. The convention was held at the top of the South Island and they decided to tour the Island.

Poodle Skirts & Red Hat Society

Poodle Skirts & Red Hat Society