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Super Savers Allows Red Hatters to Receive Major Discounts

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

There are many reasons to join the Red Hat Society. The Society offers women a chance to interact with other women their age, and form friendships and memories that are unforgettable. The Red Hat Society also offers thousands of discounts through their Super Saver program.

The Super Savers program currently is only available in North America. Those members outside of the region cannot take advantage of the program currently. The Super Savers program can provide many great discounts for Red Hatters in North America, though.

Red Hat Society & 50s poodle skirts

Red Hat Society & 50s poodle skirts

Super Savers saves you money in two main ways. You can save money with repeat savings and with premium discounts. Premium discounts are limited to 50 discounts per year, while repeat savings don’t have a number limit to the amount of times you can use them.