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Different Hairstyles for Dance Recitals

Monday, January 4th, 2010

With dancing, there usually is a hairdo that fits that type of dance. For example, if you were doing country and western the hairstyle would be a little different then if you were doing ballet or Latin dancing. It is important to duplicate the type of hairdo to fit your dancing number.

Hairdos need to connect with the type of dancing you will be doing. The most important factor is to be comfortable while you dance. The more complicated the dance step and style is, the most controlled your hairstyle will probably need to be.

When you are competing your hairstyle is even more relevant. You want the judges to watch your dancing, not your hair. Have your hairstyle match the type of dance style you are doing. Here are a few suggestions.

dance-recital-ballrooom-hairstyleBallroom: Whether you are doing the foxtrot, cha-cha, tango, or waltz you will want a sophisticate style. Have a smooth hairstyle with your hair pulled back. Best hairdos for this dancing style are French twists, knots, and chignons. Make sure you secure all do’s properly so there is no chance they come undone and distract from the