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Pros and Cons of Letting Your Boy Join Dance

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Dance normally is viewed as a feminine sport. A boy that is in dance will more than likely be made fun of by his peers at some point for being a dancer. Whether it is right or not, that is a fact of life.

If your son does want to dance there are many benefits. For one, dance allows an opportunity for a boy to express himself in a safe way. Dance is an expression of one’s self, and can be a constructive outlet.

Dancing can also be a great way for boys to get to know girls. There is a social trend for boys to not want to play with girls, and dancing allows this social behavior to be non-existent. Boys will have to interact with girls, and can continue to have a good relationship with them as they dance.

As the boy gets older, the more confident he will become. Girls who love to dance will really appreciate a boy who will get out on the dance floor and dance with them. If a guy knows how to dance he can most likely get any girl out there on the dance floor.

Dance is an expression of movement with the body. If a boy learns how to dance it is going to teach him how to control his body. Some dance instructors feel that this is an advantage that most boys don’t get, since they will have to be aware of their body, their thoughts, and multi-task when it does not naturally come to them.


Best Youtube Dance Videos

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Dancing is a wonderful way a person can express themselves. You don’t have to dance in a formal setting to see the beauty and fun that dancing can do. Here are a few of our favorite dance videos on youtube. Enjoy.

JK  Wedding Dance Entrance – This video has been circulated very quickly. It was even show cased on Jim and Pam’s heavily anticipated wedding on the series The Office. What a fun way to liven up a wedding.

Baby Beyonce – This video was submitted to ABC’s Funniest Home videos years ago, but still stands out as being one of the cutest dance videos out there. It is fun to watch the cute dance moves this little toddler has. It may be even more fun to watch how excited the dad is to show his cutie off too.

Insane Break Dancer – This guy can really move. Dancing comes in a variety of styles, and this is definitely a style of its own. I don’t know if you can get any more flexible then this.

Dance bloopers Compilation – Dancing can come with some mishaps. This video was a compilation of videos submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos. You may find yourself cringing a bit for a few of these.