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Helpful Tips for Calming Your Dancer

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Performing in front of a group can be quite intimidating. It’s no wonder that a lot of dancers find themselves nervous

Kids can get really anxious before their first performance

Kids can get really anxious before their first performance

on the day of their dance recital. It may not be easy, but there are some things that can help calm frazzled nerves on the big day.

Find fun ways to distract them whenever their nerves start to act up. Say encouraging words first, by telling them you know they will do great the night of the performance. Then change the topic, or find another activity to help ease their mind off of their nervousness.

Have them practice, practice, practice. The more practice they do the more confident they will become in their dance routine. It will also give them an activity to do that will actually help them at the time of the recital.


Quick Tips for a Smoother Dance Recital

Monday, November 30th, 2009

A dance recital is an exciting time for a young dancer. It’s a time for her to shine and showcase her talent, with dance routines she’s been learning and practicing for months. You may not have control over her actual performance, but there are some things you can do to help the recital go smoothly.

Plan ahead. Start planning for the recital a week or two before the actual performance. Make a list of everything you may need, such as special dance shoes, tights, costumes and accessories.

Make sure your child is rested. Recitals are tiring enough without the lack of sleep. Having your daughter sleep a little more the week of the recital will go a long way in helping her on the big day.

Keep up the energy Level. Recitals have a tendency of dragging at certain points, so make sure your child has MainStreet_Dance_Recitalplenty water or Gatorade to drink. Have their favorite snacks on hand. Make sure to bring snacks for yourself too.

Arrive to the recital on time
. Make arrangements so you can get to the performance early. You will need time to set up in the dressing room. Your child will thank you later for the extra time to calm her nerves.

Label all of your items
. Make certain that all your costumes and items are properly labeled so you can keep track of them. A lot of the other dance students could be in the same size costumes or shoes as your daughter, so labeling them will help make certain your items won’t get lost or taken on accident.

Bring something to entertain during the long stretches
. Recitals can be very exhausting for younger dancers. Packing a few quiet games (children’s game ideas) to help pass the time, such as a deck of cards, can help during the more boring parts of the recital.

. Keep in mind that recitals normally only happen once during the year. It’s not always easy watching your child perform, but try to relax and enjoy watching your young dancer up on the stage.